Hello, LA Design World!

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Welcome to the official blog for Matthew Berthold Design!  I decided my newly-created website could use a blog component in order to document some of my designs, DIY adventures, and musings on the world of interior design.  A little bit about MB Design and me, Matthew Berthold.  I moved to Los Angeles with my wonderful boyfriend and dog to truly pursue a career in design at the beginning of 2013.  I have a variety of design interests, primarily residential interior design and set design for television.  I currently work as a home stylist and visual merchandiser for West Elm, and I transferred to the Los Angeles store from the Chicago location in hopes of LA presenting me with exciting design opportunities.  I quickly discovered the passion LA has for design--a passion that I found sorely lacking in Chicago.  I am fortunate to have found a place in the heart of the design district, just two blocks from the Pacific Design Center and near countless interior designers; offices and design shops.  I confess I know little about set design, but I am excited to also explore this area of design in a city known throughout the world as the hub of television production.  

The purpose of this blog is mostly to keep myself active in the design community; keeping up with trends, commenting on designs and products, as well as documenting and displaying my own projects and design work.  I hope at least some people find it of some interest, and join my exploration of the design community in Los Angeles.  Cheers!