Beds...Go Big or Go Home

Our new place in West Hollywood is quite adorable. However, in the case of our bedroom, "adorable" is no more than a euphemism for "small." The bedroom is roughly 10x12, and one wall will have to be taken up by a wardrobe solution, as there is no closet (a terrifying prospect to a clotheshorse like myself). Despite the small space, I would love to put a canopy bed in here, or an equally dramatic bed. If the proportions and design of the bed are right, the bed will fill the space without overwhelming the room. A lot of people seem to make the mistake of choosing a low platform bed if they have a small space, but the trick in pulling off a successful small space is to layer and add height when you can. This will move the eye around the room and trick you into seeing a larger visual space. That said, here's a few beds I'm interested in!

I despise the fabric headboard, but it is allegedly easily removable.  I like the simple shape with the detail at the joints and ends.

The stainless steel look is too modern for what I'm looking for, but I like the simplicity and sleekness of this bed.  It would be perfect for a more contemporary space.

It's the wooden cousin of the above Portica Bed--same great simple shape, but the warmness of the wood would be better suited to my bedroom.

Yes, this is from Pottery Barn often-ignored big store destination.  The design is admittedly pretty feminine, but the dark metal could easily be translated into a more masculine space.  Its dramatic shape is appealing and begs for some great lighting!

Ikea Hemnes Bed (no longer available)

Ikea Hemnes Bed (no longer available)

This bed is no longer available to buy, but it was highly touted in many a design blog a few years ago, and it is readily available on your friendly local Craigslist.  I have a good friend who has been a proud owner for a few years, and despite my love/hate relationship with Ikea, it is a good design for a great price.


Update:  I ended up going with the Ikea Hemnes, which I found on Craigslist for in insanely low price.  It looks great in the bedroom, although it definitely tests the confines of the small space.  I still have vague plans to potentially upholster the entirety of the bed, but that's not high on my list of priorities at the moment.