I Gave in to Pinterest

For a host of admittedly not the best reasons, I have been resistant to Pinterest.  It often felt it was solely for craft-oriented, kitschy DIY-ers, which although I do appreciate, is not my general aesthetic.  While a part of me may hold on to that belief a little bit, I've come to realize the advantages Pinterest can hold for a designer: it creates a very easy way to bookmark, collect, and essentially curate collections of items and ideas.  These collections--or "boards," to use Pinterest parlance--can be used as personal references or as inspirational images and ideas.  It would be a great place to direct new/potential clients to give them an idea of some products that you like to work with and speak to you.  It also can quickly connect you to people with similar tastes who hopefully have some of their own ideas they can share.  It seems a number of high profile designers implement Pinterest to promote not only their own designs, but a lifestyle befitting said designs.  A few of my favs to follow:

Kelly Wearstler

Jonathan Adler

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

I'm sure I'll discover some new favs in building up my own boards and hopeful Pinterest following.  I'm still in the early stages, but start to follow Matthew Berthold Design on Pinterest today!