The Sets of Gossip Girl

A well-documented favorite show of mine, the CW's Gossip Girl, had the daunting (but supremely fun) task of creating the world of the top-tier echelon of New York City's upper East Side society.  They had to reflect it in both old and young characters, in their clothes, living spaces, and everyday lives.  The sets were done with exacting detail, and successfully reflect the elegance and class befitting the upper-East-Siders, and the grungy rocker-chic attitude seen in the Brooklyn-based characters.

Below I've taken select photos from the sets surrounding the two primary female protagonists, whom fans of the show will affectionately know as "S" and "B."  Let's begin with my favorite character, Blair Waldorf, and the sets surrounding her life.

The Waldorf living room is a prime example of old-school Upper East Side luxury: the marble columns, checkered black-and-white flooring, spiral staircase, and muted color palette all play together to create the classic pre-war look.  Modern touches are reflected in the lighting and egg chairs, but are in keeping with the muted palette so as not to distract from the classic look.

The Waldorf's dining room sits off of the living room, carrying the same muted color palette and traditional pre-war look.  The upholstered Phillipe Starck Ghost Chairs surrounding the dining table offer a fun modern nod to a classic piece.

Blair's bedroom is a perfect reflection of the self-proclaimed queen bee.  The lavender walls, Queen Anne headboard, pink linens, and highly-feminine accents are a nod to her extreme girlishness and immaturity, balanced out with the more modern and masculine pieces that show off her edginess and no-nonsense demeanor.  

We now move on to the Van der Woodsen residence, home to Serena and her clan.  While definitively modern and clean, their penthouse exudes wealth; richly colored accents set off very modular and clean pieces.  Their modern art collection fits perfectly in the museum-like space, flanked by the über-modern staircase and fireplace.  This room is truly meant for entertaining, and the show takes advantage of this many times with countless fundraisers and cocktail parties providing the backdrop for endless juicy gossip and drama.

Finally, Serena's bedroom in the Van der Woodsen penthouse is a great pop-art-inspired room with classic nods.  The polk dot upholstered wall, damask settee, and painted nightstands create an impactful trio of patterns, set off by muted bed linens and area rug.  The Bourgie table lamps and metallic pillows are fun modern pops in the room that set off the intricacy seen in the settee and nightstands.  The art-pop inspiration cannot help but remind the viewer of a Warhol-esque world that idolizes youth, glamour, and wealth--all traits embodied in the mysterious and fabulous Serena Van der Woodsen. 

While only a small portion of the vast world of "Gossip Girl," the above photos demonstrate the detail and attention paid to the creation of the sets.  The mix of genres and pieces are richly layered to create a beautiful world that is simultaneously fantastical and believable.